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Hanging hooks
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Do you want to make your paper art or string art even more exciting?

If yes, add lighting to your artwork! Create your own illuminated home decor!

It is especially convenient to add lighting to an art board that has a dedicated hole for it (0.5mm).

How to make your string art work even more interesting and practical?

  1. Add a mirror to your artwork and attach key hooks, then hang it in the hallway!
  2. Incorporate lighting into your work and use it as a night light (even in a child's room)!
  3. When using loops, you can transform your work into a unique photo frame!
  4. Attach memorabilia under the strings (such as stones collected from trips)!
  5. Attach items you collect under the strings (e.g., bottle caps)!
  6. Add a mirror and jewelry hooks, then hang your work in the dressing room!
  7. Add hooks to store awards (medals)!
  8. Instead of hanging your work on the wall, place it on a table and use it as an LED candle holder!
  9. Add dimensionality to your work: incorporate flowers, pearls, or small stones.

Don't let your creative potential go untapped – start today!