🎃🧵🔨Instructions for String Art Pumpkin Decorating 🎃🧵🔨

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💥 To create the "Bat Pumpkin," you will need the following: 

1) Pumpkin (should be able to accommodate the 32x14cm template on one side);
2) Template (A4), which can be found in our online store HERE;
3) Black yarn (fuzzy yarn in the example), a small selection can be found HERE;
4) Approximately 100 nails, which you can find in our online store HERE;
5) A hammer, which you can find HERE;
6) Optionally pliers, which you can find HERE;
7) Optionally nail punch, which you can find HERE;
8) Optionally nail holder,  which you can find HERE;
9) Painter's tape to secure the template, which you can find HERE;
10) Scissors (yarn scissors), which you can find HERE.

🎃 How to create string art Bat on a Pumpkin:

1) Gather the necessary materials (the list is provided above).

2) Attach the template to the pumpkin using painter's tape. Do not worry if the paper wrinkles, and some nail locations become partially hidden. Simply ensure that the most important nail spots for the bat's outer edges remain visible! When coloring the bat with yarn, not all nail locations need to be used, as the yarn covers well!

3) 🔨 Start nailing - nails should generally be driven into the pumpkin so that approximately 0.5cm of the nail is visible. It is important that the nails stay firmly within the pumpkin. Otherwise, your string art piece might start to fall apart. You can also use fewer nails than indicated on the template - for instance, every other nail - but make sure that the outermost nails of the bat shape are used; the nails should outline the bat!

4) Remove the template - gently peel the paper to prevent the nails from flying out!

5) 🧵 Once the template is removed, you can begin coloring with yarn. Keep the yarn pulled taut and, at least from time to time (if not always), loop it around the nails (make a circle) so that the yarn remains secure. When coloring with yarn, you can logically move the yarn from one end of the bat to the other (from right to left or from bottom to top, or start from right to left and then from bottom to top) or in any random sequence - the main thing is that the entire bat appears "colored."

6) 👀 Add adhesive dots for the eyes and attach them to the yarn, or insert two additional nails for eye attachment!

7) 💥 You're done! 💥 Place your unique Halloween pumpkin on your door or table! 🎃🧵🔨

Start your own creative project! 🎨🧵🔨

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