🌺 Wedding car decorations 🌺

🎈 Choose from 3 different bouquets made of artificial flowers:

  1. White roses,
  2. Dark pink bouquet,
  3. Light pink bouquet.

🎈 Rental period - 72h, price 30 euros! A security deposit of 30 euros is added!

These are artificial flowers, so they may not be equivalent to real flowers, but they are photogenic and will make every wedding car festive!

NOTE! The bouquets attach to the car using suction cups but may not adhere well to freshly polished and waxed cars! Keep in mind that the bouquets may need alternative attachment methods - either between the hood or with ribbons / cable ties to the front grille! It's recommended to soak the suction cups in hot water before attaching them to the car!

NOTE! There may be some branching; however, it is allowed to cut off the branching when attaching to the car.

💥 Pickup and handover in Merivälja, Tallinn.

It is also possible to send them to a parcel machine. In that case, the rental period is 1 week (from sending the package until its return), and an additional 20 € is added to the regular price (including shipping fees)!

Ask if the desired product is still available on your party day!
Please indicate the name of the desired product and the rental date in the letter.

Email again:
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There has never been a better time than now to discover the charm of renting party supplies. When thinking about how to make any event memorable and special, a diverse selection comes to mind that transforms the party into an unforgettable experience!

Wedding car flowers add an unforgettable touch to the journey. Why not rent them for your special day? It saves both money and effort, allowing you to focus on the most important part of the event - love and joy.

Renting party supplies offers diversity, flexibility, and the opportunity to create a unique event. It's a path forward where every occasion is like a work of art, carefully crafted with selected elements that reflect your personality and creativity. 🚗💐