What do A4 size string art templates look like?

You can choose whether you want the templates digitally or on paper.
Please see sample images here:

The string art technique allows us to create artworks featuring various animals, whether they are prehistoric dinosaurs, mythical creatures like mermaids, or real animals like bears!

The flexibility of string art enables us to explore the world of animals and bring these shapes to life using yarn and threads. Create your children's favorite animals on the wall of their room, and personalize the artwork with elements such as the animal's name or even the child's name.

Furthermore, you can make the artwork practical by adding hanging hooks, lighting, or a mirror. This gives the artwork a versatile function, allowing you to use it as a decorative element while serving a practical purpose. 

Additionally, you can even use the string art technique to create 3D geometric animals! 

Keep an eye out for upcoming templates! :)