🎈 Electric balloon pump - rental and sale 🎈

🎈You can BUY or RENT an electric balloon pump with a party arch or balloon arch! We have several pieces available (blue, purple, and pink)!

🎈Rental period with onother product 48h, price €10, security deposit €10.

The electric balloon pump is a convenient tool for quickly and easily inflating balloons. The cord is neatly stored inside the box. Using the pump is extremely easy - plug it into the power outlet, attach the balloon nozzle to the pump, and press the button. The balloon pump comes with two different nozzles, allowing you to inflate balloons of various sizes and types.

🎈Currently, a purple balloon pump is available for SALE (new, but photographed)!

Lisa ostukorvi

Ask if the desired product is still available on your party day!
Please indicate the name of the desired product and the rental date in the letter.

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