🎈🌺Metal super-sized frame for a wedding or birthday party 🌺🎈

Overall size of the frame up to 6m x 3m.
Can be assembled in other sizes as well.

Perfect for an extremely large photo backdrop, decorating the frame in a way that hides the center pole, such as covering it with fabric, balloons, or flowers!

Additionally, the frame is suitable for a double wedding, decorating both sides of the frame the same way!

NB! Assembling the frame requires multiple people and more time compared to assembling smaller frames!

Suitable for indoors and wind-protected outdoor locations (e.g., next to a hedge).

For additional stability, it is recommended to place sandbags and/or stakes on the bases.

🎈 Frame rental period 72h, price €50, deposit €50.

💥Pick-up and handover of the kits in Merivälja, Tallinn.

💥 If you want to buy a similar frame, write to us! We will soon add it to our website for purchase! Price €93, plus DPD courier €5.95!

🎈You can rent or buy an electric balloon pump HERE! 🎈

Ask if the desired product is still available on your party day!
Please indicate the name of the desired product and the rental date in the letter.

Email again:

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