🎨🧵🔨 String art mandala "Triangle with hexagon" free tutorial  🎨🧵🔨

"Triangle with hexagon" is of medium difficulty after learning it for the first time. It requires time and patience!

💥 To make the "Triangle with hexagon" mandala measuring 30x30cm, you will need:

You can purchase the complete "Triangle with hexagon" kit all at once HERE!

  1. Artboard (triangular shape, at least 30x30x30cm and 1.8cm thick), available in colorful options HERE from our online store (we do not recommend using a plywood base as it requires many nails and the base may break);
  2. Template (29cm) made of paper or plastic, available in triangular shape HERE - keyword "Triangle with hexagon";
  3. Thread, available HERE if desired (preferably in 3 colors);
  4. 316 nails, available HERE from our online store;
  5. Hammer, which you can find HERE;
  6. Pliers, which you can find HERE;
  7. Nail punch, which you can find HERE;
  8. Nail holder, which you can find HERE;
  9. Pinter's tape for attaching the template, which you can find HERE;
  10. Scissors (thread scissors), which you can find HERE;
  11. Hanging hooks for hanging the artwork on the wall, which you can find HERE;
  12. Optionally, sandpaper for treating the art board, which you can find HERE;
  13. Optionally, wood treatment varnish/oil/wax, which you can find HERE.

💥 You can find the instructions for creating the artwork in the gallery above!💥

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