String art mandala stencils / patterns for "Triangle" (for art board ca 30 cm)

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You can choose whether you want a disposable paper (A3) stencil or a reusable plastic (craft) stencil. 

The paper stencil needs to be cut out from A3 paper along the cutting line, while the plastic stencil is already the appropriate size. 

The stencils have a gap between the nails of approximately 4-6mm. They are well suited for approximately 30cm art boards, which you can find, for example, HERE

The stencil itself is about 29x25cm, and the design made by the nails is about 27x23.5cm.

Note: Before making a purchase, please familiarize yourself with the terms of use and the licensing agreement for the stencils, including digital files, HERE!

The stencils are intended for use with nail punch - you attach the stencil to the art board with painter's tape, make holes in the art board with nail punch according to the stencils, and then remove the stencil and, after that, hammer the nails.