DIY: Processing Art Panels

An MDF art panel is a specially designed, fully painted fiberboard intended for indoor use. The MDF art panel is environmentally friendly, made with non-toxic materials and natural colors, resulting in very low emissions (E0). It contains melamine resins that make the panels more durable and easier to work with tools.

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  • The MDF art panel is made of 100% fresh pine fibers. 
  • Fully painted - The art panel is fully painted, ensuring greater durability and appearance even in challenging conditions where painted or laminated surfaces can easily deteriorate, scratch, or chip. 
  • Moisture-resistant - Thanks to the special resin and the compactness of the fibers, the MDF art panel is highly resistant to moisture in wet indoor environments. The surface is less porous, preventing water and moisture from penetrating the fibers. 
  • Tool-friendly - All tools designed for working with wood-based panels are suitable for processing the MDF art panel. The melamine resin used in the composition facilitates processing with these tools and makes the panels more durable. 
  • Density - The MDF art panel has a more uniform density, meaning that the density in the center of the panel is closer to the surface density compared to other fiberboards. This feature allows for very detailed three-dimensional processing of the panels without compromising their mechanical properties. 
  • Environmentally friendly - The MDF art panel is an environmentally friendly product made with non-toxic materials and natural colors. It is FSC certified and has very low emissions, as evidenced by the CARB ULEF and E0 certifications.

To protect the surface and ensure the durability of the paint, it is recommended to finish MDF art panels as the surface is porous and can absorb stains.

The MDF art panel is fully painted, making the finishing process quite straightforward. The surface is more compact than that of a standard MDF board, making it less absorbent and easier and faster to finish. Various wood finishing tools (transparent varnishes, oils, waxes) are suitable for finishing MDF art panels. Different finishing methods can be combined to achieve interesting aesthetic solutions and shades. Before finishing, the panel surface should be sanded evenly. Gradually increase the grit size of the sandpaper in each phase by 50%. Repeat the process with different grit sizes at least twice. Before applying the finishing product, wipe the surface with a dry cloth to remove dust and let it air dry.

When using transparent varnish, a sealant should be applied before applying the final coat. Sand between two layers of coating. The type of varnish to use depends on the product's intended use and required durability. Polyurethane varnishes can provide a more durable solution for demanding conditions, while water-based varnishes are suitable for environmentally friendly results. If the art panel is exposed to sunlight, choose a varnish with higher UV protection to prevent color fading.

When using oil or wax, usually one coat is sufficient. This solution is more suitable for places with higher humidity. You can find a limited selection of processed art panels in our online store HERE!


Due to the natural color characteristics of the raw material, the tone of the product may vary slightly.


To clean MDF art panels, spray a small amount of non-abrasive household cleaning product onto the panel and wipe it with a soft cloth. Dry the panel with another soft cloth, making sure no residue from the cleaning agent is left. The surface can also be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with denatured alcohol using circular motions and then dried as described above.


Compliance with the described characteristics of the MDF art panel is guaranteed when used according to the written instructions. The product does not have a specific warranty period as the MDF art panel is not a finished product.


The manufacturer of Forescolor MDF art panels is Foresco Co. Ltd., operating since 1976.

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