What are mandalas?

Mandalas on spiritual or sacred symbols and geometric patterns that originate from ancient traditions. They represent complex, often circular designs that are often repetitive and symmetrical.

Mandalas are known for their aesthetic beauty and are frequently used as tools for meditation and spiritual practices. Drawing or coloring mandalas can be a relaxing and calming activity that helps to focus and achieve inner balance. Creating and observing mandalas can help reduce stress, anxiety, and promote mental clarity. Some people also use mandalas as a means of self-expression and perceive deeper meanings and connections to universal energy or consciousness.

In addition to the spiritual and emotional benefits, creating mandalas can also improve hand-eye coordination and creativity. It can be a great way to practice art therapy, allowing you to express and explore your inner emotions and thoughts.

String art allows you to create wonderful mandalas using different techniques and colors!

Here are some popular types of string art mandalas:

  • Circular Mandala: This is the most common type of mandala in string art. It involves using strings to create a circular patterned design that can include various geometric shapes and details.
  • Geometric Mandala: Geometric mandalas focus on different geometric shapes such as triangles, squares, diamonds, hexagons, and more.
  • Floral Mandala: Floral mandalas incorporate the use of flowers and plant elements. Strings can be woven in different directions to mimic the shape of flower petals or leaves, creating a vibrant and colorful mandala.
  • Chakra Mandala: Chakra mandalas are associated with the Eastern philosophy of chakras, which are energy centers in the body. Each chakra has its own color and symbol, and string art can utilize these color combinations and symbol combinations to create meditative and balanced mandalas.
  • Abstract Mandala: Abstract mandalas do not strictly follow geometric shapes or specific patterns. They can be creative and expressive, using yarn or string in a free-form manner to create a dynamic and unique patterned design.
These are just a few examples of string art mandalas. Each one can be individual and expressive according to the creator's vision. 

String art allows you to let your imagination soar and create unique and beautiful mandalas that can adorn your home, providing both aesthetic enjoyment and a meditative experience.

 From our product range, you will find everything you need to create your own unique mandala!

From our product range, you will find string art templates for creating mandalas, and portraits! 

For geometric shapes and mandalas, we have prepared string art templates sized approximately 29x29cm since square-shaped art boards work best for creating them.

For string art portraits, we have created a template with a size of approximately 58cm, as a larger art board is ideal for achieving a successful portrait.

You can choose whether you want a disposable paper (A3) string art stencil or a reusable plastic (craft) string art template.

The paper string art stencil needs to be cut out from an A3 paper following the cutting lines, while the plastic string art pattern comes in the appropriate size.

The spacing between the nails on the stencils is approximately 4-6mm.

Note: Before making a purchase, please review the terms of use and license agreement for the stencils, including digital files, HERE.

NOTE! The string art stencils are intended for use with nail punch. You attach the string art template  to the art board using painter's tape, make holes in the art board with nail punch according to the stencil, then remove the template, and finally, hammer the nails.