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String art mandalas

String art mandala "Rainbow flower" Art boards 60x60cm and 30x30cm, using 24 different colors of thread.

You can find the DIY kit for creating the "Rainbow Flower" set HERE!
Find the template HERE!
Get the free tutorial HERE!

Mandala "Venus Flower"
For making the 'Venus Flower,' the 'Only Circle Outline' template is suitable!

Mandala "Star/flower" You can find the "Star/Flower" DIY kit HERE!
The template can be found HERE!
You can find a free tutorial HERE!

Abstract blue string art mandala

Colorful string art star

String art technique "Birds"
For making "Birds," a regular "Only Circle Outline" template is suitable!

String art classic "Circles"
For making 'Circles,' the regular "Only Circle Outline" template is suitable!

String art mandala "Triangle with Hexagon"
Set for making "Triangle with Hexagon" can be found HERE!
Template can be found HERE!
Free tutorial can be found HERE!

Other small string art mandalas

Sample string art portrait

For creating a portrait, a large number-based stencil is suitable!

Wooden vases decorated with string art technique
You can find the wooden vase HERE!

Dreamcatchers in string art technique

Practical Decorations - Jewelry Holders and Picture Frames

Gift Ideas for Weddings, Valentine's Day or Special Occasions for Your Loved One

Create String Art Decorations for a Children's Room Yourself

Easter Decoration Ideas

String Art Ideas for Estonian Independence Day!

String art ideas for Halloween

String art ideas for Christmas - Christmas tree decorations adorned with mandalas, a Christmas wreath for the door, and a Christmas tree!

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