🎨🧵🔨 Beginner's Guide - step by step - How to do String art?  🎨🧵🔨

What do you need for making string art?

💖 The heart of art - art board - from our e-shop, you can find a NEW PRODUCT - colorful art boards that can also be used for Cricut paper art, engraving art & much more!

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🔨 Arsenal of tools - hammer, nails, nail holder, scissors, pliers!

🌈 Endless color selection - thread!

🏁  Approaching the finish line - hanging hooks and lights, as well as decorations!

Here is a list of things you need to get started with String Art:

1.     Art board, you can find art boards  HERE;

2.     Template, check if you can find a suitable design HERE;

We have String art patterns for: Mandalas, Love, Holidays, Children's room, Animals, Symbols, Zodiac signs and Professions! (Click the topic if you are interested !)

3.     Thread, which you can find  HERE;

4.     Nails, which you can find in our online store HERE;

5.     Hammer, which you can find HERE;

6.     Pliers, which you can find HERE;

7.     Nail punch, which you can find HERE;

8.     Nail holder, which you can find HERE;

9.     Painter's tape for attaching the template, which you can find HERE;

10.  Scissors (thread scissors), which you can find HERE;

11.  Optionally spray paint, if you want to paint the art board and nails black, HERE;

12. Optionally,  hanging hooks for hanging the artwork on the wall, which you can find HERE;

13. Optionally, sandpaper for treating the art board, which you can find HERE;

14. Optionally, wood treatment varnish/oil/wax, which you can find HERE.

Read here for general instructions on creating string art projects!

💥 You can find detailed instructions for creating different mandalas in the left dropdown menu!

How to make a string art project?

  1. Start by gathering the necessary materials for all string art projects. The most important tools are: art board, nails, hammer, string (thread, embroidery floss), and scissors. It's also helpful to have: a awl, needle-nose pliers, and a screwdriver. You can find all the necessary items in our online store HERE!

  2. Next, choose a design. For example, you can write something by creating a project in Word (such as a name, dates, etc) or you can search the internet for a suitable image or symbol to use in your artwork. Additionally, you can create geometric shapes and mandalas (traditionally using a ruler and a template), or even a string art portrait based on a real photo! The possibilities are endless! You can create exactly what you desire!

  3. Once the design is chosen, print it out in the appropriate size according to your art board.

  4. Next, use a ruler to make marks on the printed design at regular intervals (e.g., every 0.5cm-1cm) if you want to fill the design completely with string, choose a smaller spacing.                                                                                                                                                                                              Note: You can find pre-made templates (with marked nail placement) on our website for geometric shapes, mandalas, string art portraits, and various shapes and symbols. Check if you can find a suitable design HEREMore templates will be added soon! Keep an eye out!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

  5. Next, attach the template to the art board using painter's tape and use a nail punch to create holes in the art board according to the template. Some people prefer to nail directly onto the template, but depending on the design, removing the template afterward can be quite challenging. Therefore, we recommend using the template only for marking the holes.                                                                                                                                                                                             

  6. Remove the template and start nailing! Generally, nails should be hammered into the art board so that about 0.5cm of the nail is visible (depending on the design and personal preference). It's important that the nails remain firmly in the art board. Otherwise, the artwork may start to fall apart.

  7. Once all the nails are in place, you can start "painting" the design with string. Keep the string tightly stretched and make sure to loop around each nail at least occasionally (if not always).

  8. 💥 And it's done! 💥 Add hanging hooks to your unique artwork and hang it on the wall or give it as a gift to someone special! 🎁

How to make your string art project even more interesting and practical?

  1. Add a mirror and key hooks to your artwork and hang it in the hallway! 🔑
  2. Incorporate lighting into your artwork and use it as a night lamp (even in a children's room)! 💡
  3. By using clips, you can turn your artwork into a unique photo frame! 📌 📷
  4. Attach mementos (such as stones collected during travels) underneath the strings! 🏝
  5. Attach items you collect (such as bottle caps) underneath the strings! 🍾
  6. Add a mirror and jewelry hooks to your artwork and hang it in the dressing room! 🎀💍
  7. Attach hooks for storing awards (such as medals)! 🏆🥇
  8. Instead of hanging your artwork on the wall, place it on a table and use it as an LED candle holder! 🕯️
  9. Add dimension to your artwork by incorporating flowers, beads, or small stones. 🌺

Start your own creative project! 🎨🧵🔨

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