Punane väike kruvikeeraja
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Maalriteip šablooni kinnitamiseks diy
Painter's tape
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Puidust käepidemega naaskel niidikunsti jaoks
Nail punch
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Naelahoidja ehituseks ohutu naelumine
Nail holder
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Naelahoidja mööbli kokkupanemiseks niidikunst
Nail holder 
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Niidikunsti naelahoidja string art nail holder
Nail holder for string art
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Näpitstangid naelakunst
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Niidikäärid niidikunst string art
Thread scissors
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Riputuskonks hanging hook
Hanging hooks
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Tööriistakomplekt niidikunsti jaoks
Tool kit for string art
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Where does string art fit - a unique design and interior element, and practical furniture?

String art can fit into various interiors, ranging from the living room and bedroom to the nursery and office. It can also serve practical purposes. For example, by adding a mirror and hanging hooks (for keys or jewelry), you can create a practical and beautiful item for the hallway, dressing area, or children's room.

Depending on the design and colors of the threads used, string art can have a modern, classical, or bohemian look.

One significant advantage of string art is that it allows you to create various styles according to your preferences and interior design.

Additionally, string art can be a wonderful gift idea for various occasions such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers, as well as holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and more.