What do A4 size string art templates look like?

You can choose whether you want the templates digitally or on paper.
Please see sample images here:

Why create professional string art work?

Creating professional string art work is a great way to showcase your passion and dedication to your profession and bring it to life through art. 

It helps you daily to remember why you do what you love and amplifies your motivation and pride in your calling. By creating string art work that depicts symbols of your profession, you can feel inspired and motivated to focus on your work. It can serve as a visual reminder of why you chose your profession and what you hope to achieve with it. 

Additionally, it can be a great conversation starter! 

Hang the artwork at home or in your workplace! 

Add your job title, company name or logo to personalize the piece and grab attention!

More templates will be added soon, so stay tuned! :)