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Meanings of shapes according to feng shui:

Circle - Symbolizes infinity, wholeness, cyclical movement, and harmony in feng shui. The circle has no beginning or end, making it a symbol of eternity and infinity. The circular design can be used in various spaces to promote flow and harmony and help balance the energy of the room.
The circular design can be used in different rooms but is particularly suitable for spaces where peace and relaxation are desired. For example, a circular art board can be used in the bedroom to promote a tranquil atmosphere for sleep.

Triangle - Represents a pyramid, strength, stability, power, and resilience. The triangle generally symbolizes the element of fire. The fire element represents passion, energy, and transformation. A triangle can be used in a room to activate the fire element, which can enhance activity, motivation, and creativity. For example, a triangular design can be used in an office or workspace to stimulate idea generation and creativity. It can also be used in a children's room to promote their energy and creativity levels.

Hexagon - It is often associated with the honeycomb structure created by bees. Honeycombs are known for their hexagonal shape, and their perfect geometry has been admired for thousands of years. The hexagonal honeycomb design allows bees to use space more efficiently, reducing the amount of wax required to build walls and conserving energy and resources. According to feng shui, the hexagon helps promote strength, stability, protection, and balance energy in both spaces and people's lives. For example, a hexagonal art board can be used in an office or workspace to stimulate productivity and promote action. It can also be used in a sports or exercise room where physical activity is encouraged.

Square - strong and firm, unchanging and permanent. The square represents solid foundations based on the principles of order, structure, and stability. It can help balance energy. For example, a square design can be used in a home office to promote a sense of security and stability in the work environment. It can also be beneficial in the bedroom, where it may help promote peaceful and stable sleep. Feng shui recommends using the square shape to attract wealth and abundance. Square-shaped objects, such as a money box, can contribute to generating financial abundance and improving the economic situation.

Heart - a symbol of love recognized worldwide. Whether you desire love, seek more of it, or want to express love better, the heart is a symbol that has been associated with love, emotions, and mental and physical well-being throughout history. In feng shui, the heart represents love, affection, goodwill, and is also associated with relationships, marriage, and family. The heart is also associated with feelings of joy and happiness, and in feng shui, the heart symbol can be used to bring positive energy and harmony to your home or workspace. The heart symbol can be used in the bedroom to promote love and romance in a relationship. It can also be used in the living room or other spaces where a joyful and harmonious atmosphere is desired.

Star - a symbol of strength and energy. According to feng shui teachings, a star can symbolize various energy fields. Firstly, it can represent career energy, and placing it on a desk or in an office can help promote career advancement or establish a stronger position at work. Secondly, stars have a meaning of success and good fortune in feng shui, and their images can be beneficial in homes or offices where the energy level needs to be raised and a positive atmosphere created. Thirdly, a star can symbolize spiritual energy and the heavens, and its images can help establish a connection with one's inner wisdom and higher self, enhancing spiritual awareness. Finally, in some cases, a star can also symbolize the energy of love and romance, such as in the relationship zone of a home, to enhance the energy of love and passion.

NB! In feng shui practice, it is important to find balance and not overuse any symbol.  All shapes should be used in moderation to ensure a harmonious flow of energy in the space and in people's lives.

Different colors can also symbolize various things and emotions. 

Here are some examples:
  • Red: often associated with love and passion, but also with danger. 
  • Blue: often symbolizes peace, reliability, stability, sadness, or coldness. 
  • Yellow: usually associated with sunshine, joy, happiness, and optimism. 
  • Green: often symbolizes nature, peace, growth, wealth, but also envy. 
  • Black: often associated with elegance or depth, but also with death. 
  • White: often symbolizes purity, peace, emptiness, clarity. 
  • Orange: often symbolizes energy, joy, warmth, or folk traditions. 
  • Gray: associated with rationality, security, formality, modesty, but also sadness.

NB! These are just some possible meanings that colors can symbolize. Color meanings can also vary across cultures and depend on how the color is used.

String Art and Astrology

Astrology is a system that divides people into different groups based on their birth date. Each zodiac sign has its characteristic traits and energy that can influence our personality and life experiences. By understanding zodiac signs, we can better comprehend our own and others' behavior, discover our strengths, and explore personal growth opportunities. Although zodiac signs are not scientifically proven methods of assessing personality, they can provide an interesting perspective for self-discovery and supporting personal development. It's important to understand that zodiac signs do not determine our destiny but rather offer guidance and possibilities that we can utilize in life.

What colors and shapes may match the character traits of zodiac signs? 

NB! Individual tastes and preferences regarding colors and shapes may vary among people!

  • Birth date: March 21 - April 19
  • Character: initiative, energy, self-confidence.
  • Suitable shapes: sharp lines, triangles, dynamic shapes.
  • Suitable colors: red, orange, fiery yellow.
  • Birth date: April 20 - May 20
  • Character: groundedness, stability, sensuality.
  • Suitable shapes: rounded shapes, natural forms, stable patterns.
  • Suitable colors: green, earthy tones, pastel colors.
  • Birth date: May 21 - June 20
  • Character: communication, curiosity, versatility.
  • Suitable shapes: quick lines, colorful patterns, unique shapes.
  • Suitable colors: yellow, light blue, multicolored combinations.
  • Birth date: June 21 - July 22
  • Character: emotional, caring, homely.
  • Suitable shapes: semicircles, curved shapes, wavy patterns.
  • Suitable colors: silver, white, amber yellow.
  • Birth date: July 23 - August 22
  • Character: pride, dignity, creativity.
  • Suitable shapes: expressive shapes, geometric shapes, sun motifs.
  • Suitable colors: golden, yellow, orange.
  • Birth date: August 23 - September 22
  • Character: orderliness, precision, analytical thinking.
  • Suitable shapes: clean and clear lines, geometric shapes, details.
  • Suitable colors: neutral tones, beige, brown, pastels.
  • Birth date: September 23 - October 22
  • Character: balance, justice, harmony.
  • Suitable shapes: balanced shapes, symmetry, graceful lines.
  • Suitable colors: pastel tones, blue, pink, lavender.
  • Birth date: October 23 - November 21
  • Character: intensity, passion, deep transformation.
  • Suitable shapes: sharp lines, mysterious shapes, deep contrasts.
  • Suitable colors: black, dark red, burgundy, deep tones.
  • Birth date: November 22 - December 21
  • Character: adventurousness, freedom, openness to new experiences.
  • Suitable shapes: arrows, geometric shapes, open and dynamic forms.
  • Suitable colors: lilac, sky blue, cheerful and energetic tones.
  • Birth date: December 22 - January 19
  • Character: ambition, endurance, practicality.
  • Suitable shapes: structured and geometric shapes, traditional patterns.
  • Suitable colors: dark brown, black, gray, classical and earthy tones.
  • Birth dates: January 20 - February 18
  • Personality traits: Independence, intellectuality, progressiveness
  • Suitable shapes: Futuristic shapes, abstract patterns
  • Suitable colors: Electric blue, silver, vibrant tones
  • Birth dates: February 19 - March 20
  • Personality traits: Sensitivity, compassion, intuitiveness
  • Suitable shapes: Wavy shapes, water motifs
  • Suitable colors: Amber, purple, sea-inspired colors

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