Maalriteip šablooni kinnitamiseks diy
Painter's tape
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Näpitstangid naelakunst
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Punane väike kruvikeeraja
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Puidust käepidemega naaskel niidikunsti jaoks
Nail punch
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Niidikäärid niidikunst string art
Thread scissors
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Why do you need a nail punch creating string art?

We recommend using a nail punch with templates - you attach the template to the art board using painter's tape, create holes in the art board with the nail according to the template, and then remove the template and start nailing! 

Note: this technique must be used when using handcrafted reusable plastic templates! 

For paper templates, a direct nailing technique is also used - the paper template is placed on the art board, secured to the board, and nailed directly onto the template.

However, in this case, you will need to remove the paper template after nailing, and for densely nailed work, this can be a challenging task.

Therefore, even when using a paper template, we still recommend creating holes in the art board with a nail punch according to the template, removing the template, and then nailing.