🍿🍭 Popcorn Machine and Candy Machine Rental 🍿🍭

These are small but impactful party decorations and entertainers!
Perfect for, for example, a child's birthday party!

🍿NB! Only plain popcorn (available for purchase) is allowed in the popcorn machine! You can season the ready-made popcorn! Popcorn machine dimensions: approx. 38x20cm!

🍭NB! The candy machine is best suited for light, tie-shaped candies (available for purchase)! The candy machine has sound (can also be used without sound)! To get the candy, you need to insert a coin (included with the product) and play to receive the candy! Candy machine dimensions: approx. 35x26cm!

🎈One product - rental period 48h, price 20€, security deposit 30€. Both products together - rental period 48h, price 35€, security deposit 50€.

Additionally, available for purchase:
1) plain popcorn suitable for the popcorn machine 500g ICA - 5€;
2) small cups for popcorn (dimensions when folded approx. 11.5cm - (5)7cm) - 10 pcs 5€;
3) popcorn seasonings - 1 pc 5€.

Pickup and handover of sets in Merivälja, Tallinn, Estonia.

Ask if the desired product is still available on your party day! 
Please indicate the name of the desired product and the rental date in the letter.

Email again:

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🎂 Birthday
💍 Wedding & Bachelorette Party
👼 Baby Shower & Baby Gender Reveal Party

🎃 Autumn & Halloween
❄️ Winter & Christmas
❤️ Valentine's Day

🌺Easter & Spring/Summer



Now is the perfect time to discover the magic of party equipment rental. When thinking about how to make any event memorable and special, a diverse selection comes to mind, making the party unforgettable!

The candy machine is a sweet dream for any party. By renting it, you can enjoy a grand sweet experience without the permanent presence of the machine. It's a fun way to add flavor and spice to the event.

The popcorn machine is one of those party items that are rarely needed. So why not rent it for the moment when it's truly necessary? You save money and space but don't have to give up the moment when your event needs an unexpected twist.

Party equipment rental offers diversity, flexibility, and the opportunity to create a unique event. It's the way forward, where each event is like a work of art, designed with carefully selected elements that reflect your personality and creativity.