String art stencil for string art portrait or mandala / "Circle" template (for art board ca 60 cm)

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A paper stencil (approximately A2 size) that needs to be cut out by yourself. 

Suitable for an art board with a size of approximately 60cm. The ring made by the nails has a diameter of approximately 56cm, and the outer stencil ring (cutting line) is approximately 58.5cm. 

The gap between the nails is about 7mm. 
A total of 250 nails are included in the stencil. 
The stencil also has alternating numbers on the nails. 

The stencil can also be used for creating string art portraits (one example in gallery)!

Note: Before making a purchase, please familiarize yourself with the terms of use and the licensing agreement for the stencils, including digital files, HERE!