String art DIY kit "Triangle with hexagon"

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Standard string art kit includes:

1. Triangular (approximately 30x30x30cm) unfinished colored MDF art board,
2. Paper template (A3 size),
3. Construction nails (with extra),
4. 3 different colored threads (3 thread spools),
5. Instruction guide for the project,
6. Painter's tape (4 small pieces for attaching the template),
7. Black hanging hook and screw. 

Additional items needed (you find tool kit HERE):
8. Hammer,
9. Nail punch,
10. Pliers,
11. Nail holder.

Additional items required:
12. Scissors for cutting out the template,
13. Screwdriver for attaching the hanging hook,
14. Optionally, sandpaper and wood treatment varnish/oil/wax for treating the art board.