String Art Template for Halloween "Bat" (A4 or digital PDF)

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You can choose whether you want a one-time use paper (A4) template or a digital (PDF) template. 

NB! Here, ONLY the template is sold! 

They work best on approximately 30x20cm artboards, but they can also be used very well on 30x30cm artboards by positioning the template as desired. 

Keep these measurements in mind for the pumpkin as well!

The template has a nail spacing of about 0.8cm. 

If the spacing between two nails is too small, make only one hole. If you do not wish to color the entire design with thread, embroidery floss, or yarn but only create an external silhouette, make fewer holes (for example, every other nail, then there will be less nailing).

When using furry yarn for decoration, you can also leave spaces between the nails; you don't need to nail as densely! 

Otherwise, the templates are designed for use with a nail, but in the case of seasonal pumpkins, when you cover the pumpkins entirely with furry yarn, you don't need to use a nail beforehand!

NB! Before making a purchase, please familiarize yourself with the template's usage terms and license agreement, including digital files, HERE!