Halloween Decoration / Playful Bat Pumpkin / Pumpkin Costume in String Art Technique

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Do It Yourself! Halloween Decoration in String Art Technique! 

NB! Pumpkin is not included in the kit! 

The kit includes:

  1. Bat template (A4) with nail placement points marked 1cm apart!
  2. Construction nails (approximately 100 nails needed);
  3. "Furry" yarn;
  4. 2 eyes and adhesive dots for eye attachment;
  5. Painter's tape for securing the template to the pumpkin;
  6. Instruction manual for completing the project! 
NB! You will need to obtain the following separately:
1)   Pumpkin;
2)   Hammer;
3)   Optional pliers for bending nails straight.

Tools are available for purchase separately on our website!