Acrylic sheet for night lamp (2mm)

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NB! Only 2mm thickness acrylic sheet (without base)

Choose from 4 shapes: 
1) Circle,
2) Hexagon,
3) Square,
4) Rectangle.

Create your own unique night lamp! Suitable for, among others, children's rooms and unique holiday decorations!

You can decorate the acrylic sheet with regular markers and stickers too!

Please note! Due to the 2mm thickness of the acrylic sheet, it fits in machines like the Cricut Maker, allowing you to directly draw and engrave on the acrylic sheet!

In the separately available LED lamp base, the 2mm sheet may appear slightly slanted (see picture no 2 and 3 - picture without decorations). You can place 2 sheets (2mm each) inside it at the same time!