DIY Christmas decoration - acrylic night lamp "Snow"

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Create your own unique holiday decoration - acrylic night lamp for Christmas!

The kit includes: 
1) white lamp base;
2) acrylic panel (4mm);
3) USB cable for the lamp;
4) lamp remote control;
5) snowflake window decal (you need to apply the decal yourself)!

You can choose from 4 different snowflake designs (see gallery).

The lamp has various lighting modes!
You can choose, for example, a single color or a flashing color-changing mode! Adjustments can be made both on the lamp itself and with the remote control!

It works with both a USB cable and batteries! Batteries are not included in the kit (requires 3xAA batteries)!

After the holidays, if desired, you can remove the snowflake decal and replace it with other decorations!
The acrylic panel can also be decorated with regular markers and stickers!

Note: The thickness of the acrylic panel is 4mm and it cannot fit into cutting machines, but you can decorate it with stickers made with a cutting machine!

Acrylic panels with a thickness of 2mm are also available separately, which can fit into machines like the Cricut Maker, allowing you to directly draw and engrave on the acrylic panel!