String art DIY kit - "Star / Flower" with a diameter of 30cm

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There are very limited quantities of sets available! Choose now! 

Standard kit includes:

1. Round (30cm diameter) unfinished MDF art board,
2. Paper template on A3 paper,
3. High-quality black nails (217 pieces with some extra),
4. Threads (2 spools),
5. Instruction manual,
6. Painter's tape,
7. Hanging hook.

Additional items needed (you can buy tool kit HERE): 

8. Hammer,
9. Nail punch,
10. Pliers,
11. Nail holder.

Additional items needed: 

12. Scissors for cutting out the template,
13. Screwdriver for attaching the hanging hook,
14. Optionally, sandpaper and wood finishing lacquer/oil/wax for treating the art board.