Graduation gifts and decorations

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🎓 📜 Graduation gift and decoration! 📜 🎓

Large decorations or gifts for the graduate! 

The set includes large waterproof plastic images: 
1) "You did it" award (approx. 37x28cm);
2) Graduation cap "Congrats Grad" (approx. 37x18cm);
3) Star "Dream Big" (approx. 28x28cm);
4) 4 letters: GRAD (1 letter approx. 28x27cm);
5) 2 sticks per image, can also be placed on 1 stick if desired (35cm) - sticks fit into the images very easily - no additional gluing required, etc.!

NB! Minor scratches may occur on the images (not visible in the photos).

Perfect for flower bouquets, placing in the grass for outdoor graduation parties, or in a vase indoors, as a graduation card, photo accessory, etc. They can also be stuck onto desired objects or places!The possibilities are endless!

Make graduation effortlessly more spectacular! 📜 🎓