Halloween or Walpurgis Night costume - skeleton dress, gloves, and stockings

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💀🔪 Dress, stockings, and gloves for a skeleton or witch! 💀🔪

Set of 5 pieces:

1) Dress designed for children approximately 4-6 years old but can also be worn by an XS or smaller S-sized adult as a blouse or tunic. The upper part is very stretchy! Total length of the dress/top is about 60cm.

2-3) Gloves designed for children from around 6 years old, but they can also fit a smaller adult with slender fingers, total length approximately 35cm. 

4-5) Stockings designed for children but can also fit an XS-sized adult (they will be shorter), total length approximately 63cm.

In the pictures, children are 97cm and 107cm tall (stockings and gloves are still large)!

Great for wearing matching costumes with your child! Also perfect for siblings to wear similar costumes! 

If you want to be spooky, this is the right choice! 💀🔪 

Brand: Ulikey