Recycling - string art patterns on paper (A4) or digital (PDF)

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You can choose whether you want a digital file (PDF) that we will send to your email after the purchase,

or if you want an A4 template printout (along with other products) to a parcel machine.

The gap between the nails in the stencils is approximately 4-6mm.

The template is suitable for art boards starting from a size of approximately 30x20cm. When using a larger board (e.g., 30x30cm), you can position the template according to your preference.

If the gap between two nails is too small, you can make only one hole.  

If you don't want to "paint" the entire design with thread or yarn, but rather create an outline of the shape, you can make fewer holes (for example, every other nail), reducing the amount of nailing.

The stencils are designed to be used with a nail punch. You attach the stencil to the art board with painter's tape, make holes in the art board according to the stencil using a nail punch, and then remove the stencil and hammer nails.

Note: Before making a purchase, please familiarize yourself with the terms of use and the licensing agreement for the stencils, including digital files, HERE!