Thin board for crafting, ca 12 x 12 x 0,5cm

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The art board is intended as a base for Cricut paper art or engraving art, but it can also be used for other purposes (depth 0.5 cm). 

The art board is untreated (you can still use the untreated board, but if desired, you can treat it according to your preference, such as sanding, varnishing, or waxing).

Choose your favorite design and color!

  • Heart: height and width approximately 12 cm.
  • Triangle: width approximately 15 cm and height approximately 12 cm.

Additionally, you can choose whether you want the board with a hole (0.5 cm) or without. The hole can be used for hanging the artwork or adding lighting (the battery part can be hidden behind the artwork).

Note: The boards may have scratches or marks due to repeated transportation.

Material: MDF (medium-density fiberboard) made from 100% fresh pine fibers.

The art boards are intended for indoor use and are not suitable for permanent outdoor solutions.

The material is through-colored, meaning both sides and edges are painted. After finishing the material, it may darken slightly in tone due to varnishing, oiling, waxing, etc.
For more information on processing the art board, please refer to THIS link.