Witch costume: dress and cape

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💀🔪 Scary cape and dress/blouse 💀🔪

Suitable for costumes like Grim Reaper and witch! 

Set includes 2 parts:

  1. Dress, designed for children around 4-6 years old, but can also be worn as an XS/S size blouse by an adult. The upper part is very stretchy! Total length of the dress/blouse is approx. 60cm!

  2. Cape, designed for children but can also be worn by a smaller adult. Length of the cape without hood is approx. 65cm!

Great opportunity to wear matching costumes with a child! Additionally, it's a great opportunity for siblings to wear matching costumes! Find a suitable set for boys HERE!

In the pictures, children are 97cm and 107cm tall!

If you want to be terrifying, this is the right choice for you! 💀🔪