Butterfly Headband and Hair Clips / Fairy or Butterfly Costume Accessories

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🦋 Beautiful butterfly headband! 🦋 

Set includes: headband and 8 butterfly hair clips! 

Available in 2 colors: 
1) Colorful headband and hair clips (8pcs); 
2) Shades of purple headband and hair clips (8pcs).

The patterns on butterfly wings may differ from those in the pictures, as the patterns are printed randomly.

Relatively universal in size, suitable for children from around 3 years old and even for adults!🦋

Each headband has about 6 very flexible wires that can be adjusted as desired - arrange the butterflies as you like!
The butterfly hair clips (8pcs) can also be attached to clothing!

Perfect for wearing at birthdays or other festive occasions, as well as with a fairy, butterfly, mermaid, or princess costume!

Also makes an ideal gift! 🎁

Brand: Dingfeiyu