DIY! String art kit "Love" 10cm

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Available in limited quantities!

Small DIY Kit "Love"!

NB! The photo is illustrative - you need to add your own photo if desired!

Perfect for a beginner's first project or as a gift (you can also use the artwork as a card - write your best wishes on the back)!

The kit includes:
1) Circular (approximately 10cm in diameter) untreated wooden art board:
2) Paper template (A4);
3) High-quality construction nails (about 50 pieces with spare);
4) Red thread (required amount for coloring the heart completely);
5) Painter's tape (2 small pieces for securing the template). '

You will also need (tool kit available separately in the online store):
6) Hammer;
7) Nail punch;
8) Pliers,
9) Nail holder.

Additionally, you will need:
10) Scissors for cutting out the template;
11) Optionally, sandpaper and wood treatment lacquer/oil/wax for treating the art panel.

All accessories can be purchased separately from the online store!